Strategic Consulting

Investment Advisory

UNI offers an integrated range of investment advisory services prior to, during and following the active stages of the investment cycle. These range from the initial market assessment and opportunity analysis, to full-scale business plans, and monitoring of achievements.

We give investors access to the large and complex universe of alternative investment strategies on a global basis.  We consult or partner with our clients on investment opportunities; our investment and business solutions include:

Business Investment Opportunities

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Business Matchmaking and Partnerships

Financial Management

For over 10 years, the UNI team of professional consultants have supported businesses, non-profits and international organizations with their financial management needs. These team members have a long history of working directly with various financial management systems, in different environments, and in different types of organizations. This experience has given us a unique advantage in understanding the requirements, approaches, and procedures needed to design and implement a financial management system that best suits our clients’ needs.

Our team of professionals understands the unique challenges that businesses face, from managing day-to-day operations to sales, marketing, finances, and beyond. We’re here to assist you in establishing more effective ways to conduct business and work with banking and financial sectors.

Accounting Systems

Bookkeeping and Financial Procedures

Tax Services and Business Registration

Design and Construction

UNI’s team of space designers and construction experts help clients with residential and commercial designs and remodeling projects.  In addition to general, high quality construction services, UNI provides unique modern design, creative décor, and energy efficient solutions to a diverse mix of clients.

Design and Décor

Consultation and Planning

Remodeling and Construction